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But what are the people saying?

These are just a few reviews that came straight from Computer Sam's Facebook page...

(5 Stars) Literally got the phone fixed at Starbucks!

​(5 Stars) Computer Sam is a life saver! He provides a prompt response to all inquiries, makes a plan to help, and fixes the problem very efficiently. Reasonably priced, excellent service. Thank you Sam.

(5 Stars) 
He fixed a virus on my laptop while saving everything I have on it and made it 10 times faster than it was before. Good as new and in no time at all! Wouldn't recommend anyone else, he can help all your electronic needs!

(5 Stars) 
Computer Sam is the best! I dropped my iPhone 5 on a Saturday night on my living room floor and the screen shattered. Even though I had Apple Care, they still charge an additional fee every time you use that service, and I didn’t have time to drive all the to the mall on my precious day off and wait in line forever. So I texted Computer Sam right away, and at a time that was convenient for me, he came to my house to replace the screen. It was fixed in ten minutes, and I still had plenty of time to get all my other errands done!
Let Computer Sam fix your phone, and take back your weekends!

(5 Stars) Sometimes explanations are wordy and unnecessary. Long story short, I live in Upstate and know Sam from his days in Oneonta. Through a series of events I became the owner of 3 different iPhones with different issues, 2 broken screens and a dark uneventful phone with no signs of life. Phones into the mail and to Sam. Within 1 day he had repaired all 3 and they were in the mail back to me. Life is better because of Computer Sam.

(5 Stars) Sam is the MAN....twice in the last month he has saved us! I had the dreaded blue screen on an old Dell tower and Sam was able to retrieve all my files and transfer them to my new pc. Then when my son shattered his iPhone 5, Sam replaced the screen in only twenty minutes. Sam was quick to respond and set up house-calls for the repairs. Highly recommended!!!